Can You Be a Digital Nomad with Kids? (Part 2)

Photo via  Wanderist Life

Photo via Wanderist Life

  • It’s time for Part 2 of our location independent kids episode! If you haven’t listened to Part 1, you can do that here
  • Want to talk about taboos more? Check out our money episode!
  • Voice memo from Mirje about how nomad life has changed since the arrival of her baby
  • Kit’s fabled dislike of Bali
  • FYI: The Green School is a fave nomad and nomad-adjacent spot and has some pretty amazing bamboo buildings
  • We hear from a mom of four with some more controversial viewpoints about being nomadic with kids
  • Our crypto expert Mariza pointed out that: digital nomad men call themselves ‘entrepreneurs’ while women call themselves freelancers
  • We interview Libryia Jones, founder of Wanderist Life and the Wandering Moms FB group

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