Nomad + Spice 📚 Reading Retreat

February 23-29, 2020

Scotland, UK


What’S a reading retreat?

This idea came out of our wonderful Nomad Feminist Book Club on Patreon! We had been talking about how we never find time to read all the amazing feminist books on our GoodReads lists, and someone said “wouldn’t it be wonderful to lock ourselves in a castle for a week and do nothing but read books?”

So that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

11 women. 7 days. 1 epic castle.

Endless books, plenty of wine, and lots of great conversation around the dinner table. That’s what you can expect during your week cozied up in the Scottish countryside, just a one hour train ride from Edinburgh. All of your meals are included - all you have to do is get here!

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A true reading wonderland.

Yes, we did book our own personal Hogwarts.

There may be snow on the ground outside, or we may have enough sunshine for long walks in the garden. We’ll start each day with a cooked breakfast (pancakes, anyone? 🥞) and then get to reading. There are plenty of spaces to cozy up with a good paperback or your Kindle and a nice cup of tea for a marathon reading session.

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After taking a break to make yourself a sandwich and maybe go for a walk, finish a few chapters in the afternoon before we gather around our grand dining table for an evening of laughter and vibrant discussion on all the amazing things we’ve read - and still want to dive into!

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At night, you’ll get under the covers in your grand four poster bed… or perhaps a room in the dungeon if you’re feeling adventurous? We’ve got rooms to suit every taste! The group will consist primarily of Nomad + Spice book club members, but we have a few extra spots available and we cannot wait to meet you!


Plus a little something extra...

We’re adding even more fanciness to our weeklong reading escape with a luxe afternoon tea at one of Scotland’s most famous locales. We’ll be whisked away from the castle grounds to world-renowned St Andrews, where we’ll be treated to homemade cakes, traditional sandwiches, pastries, and tea in a luxury hotel by the rugged Scottish coast.

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Aerial View over St Andrews in Scotland.jpg

It's All-Inclusive:

  • 7 days / 6 nights in a freaking castle! 🏰

  • Cooked breakfasts every morning 🍳

  • Self-catering lunch every afternoon 🥪

  • Delicious Cooked dinner with wine every evening 🍷

  • Luxe Afternoon Tea in nearby st andrews 🍰

  • 10 friends to chat with, laugh with, and help YOU get your book club on 📖

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We can't wait to welcome you!


The Rooms


Room 1: The Spottiswoode

For the Queen who likes a bit of privacy, this bedroom has a double bed and an ensuite bathroom in the Upper Tower. The room is named after 17th century resident of the castle.

Beds: One Double
Bathroom: Private Ensuite
Capacity: 1 person

4 payments of US$399
(or US$1499 if paid in full)


Price based on single occupancy.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 6.21.14 PM.jpg

Room 2: The Royal Family

A room fit for royals. This huge master bedroom has 3 four-poster beds and an en-suite bathroom complete with a stand-alone bath and shutters painted in the style of Hokusai by the Japanese woman who restored this gorgeous castle. You’ll definitely want a photo shoot in here!

Beds: 1 King, 2 Large Singles
Bathroom: Private Ensuite
Capacity: 3 people

4 payments of US$249 for a Single
(or US$949 if paid in full)


4 payments of US$299 for the King
(or US$1099 if paid in full)


Price based on triple occupancy.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 6.28.52 PM.jpg

Room 3: The Dungeon

The Slytherins in our group will feel right at home in this gorgeous room. Cozy up under your vaulted ceiling and enjoy an ensuite bathroom. (Disclaimer: not actually a dungeon. 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Beds: 2 Twin Beds
Bathroom: Private Ensuite
Capacity: 2 people

4 payments of US$299
(or US$1099 if paid in full)


Price based on double occupancy.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 6.32.49 PM.jpg

Room 4: The North Caphouse

At the top of the spiral staircase lies this private oasis which looks out over the grand drive. You’ll share a bathroom with the two fellow readers in the South Caphouse room. Note: the shower room is on the same floor, and the toilet room is on the floor below.

Beds: 1 Double Bed
Bathroom: Shared
Capacity: 1 person

4 payments of US$349
(or US$1299 if paid in full)


Price based on single occupancy.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 6.33.24 PM.jpg

Room 5: The South Caphouse

Feel like the princess in the top of a tower in this relaxing space across the grand gallery from the North Caphouse room. You’ll share a bathroom with the neighboring room. Note: the shower room is on the same floor, and the toilet room is on the floor below.

Beds: 2 Twin Beds
Bathroom: Shared
Capacity: 2 people

4 payments of US$249
(or US$949 if paid in full)


Price based on double occupancy.


Note: this is an updated 12th century castle with lots of spiral staircases. It is not very accessible for people with mobility issues.


This is going to be epic!



Will there be wifi?

Yes! But it’s an ancient castle, so don’t expect good speeds. Video calling will probably not be possible. We’re hoping this will be a vacation for everyone involved, so hopefully you can enjoy some internet-free time!

Won’t we be cold?!

The castle was completely remodeled in 1996 and has central heating, as well as a fireplace for extra coziness.

How do I get there?

There’s a direct train from Edinburgh’s main Waverley train station that takes you to the village of Cupar, near the famous town of St Andrews. It takes 1 hour and we’ll pick you up from the station for the 5-minute drive to the castle!

Do I need to bring anything?

A warm coat and plenty of books, either paper or digital. We’ll have wine with dinner, but if you’d like to drink more often or if there’s anything in particular you like to imbibe while reading, please feel free to bring your own drinks!

I have dietary restrictions! Can you accommodate me?

We will do our absolute best! Please let us know when booking if you have any dietary restrictions.

Will we be stuck in the castle?

Absolutely not! We’re going for a “get away from it all” vibe for this retreat, but there are reliable taxi companies in the village just 5 minutes away, so we can pop into the village, go to the famous town of St. Andrews about 20 minutes away, or further afield very easily! Uber is also available, but cars are not always nearby. The castle also has 6 acres of land including a woodland with the River Eden, a meadow, and a walled herb garden, so you can easily get some fresh air anytime.

Can I bring a car?

Of course you can! There’s plenty of parking.

I’m In! HOw Do I Book?

YAY! 🧙🏻‍♀️Click on the orange button below to submit your application!