Why A Podcast for Women?

If you look around the nomad-sphere, you'll find a lot of men. We want to even out the balance a bit more and unearth some voices that aren't just talking about dropshipping and the 4-Hour Work Week (hate to break it to you... but that book is 10. years. old.). You don't have to be a woman (or even a nomad) to listen - we think that everyone benefits from hearing diverse voices. Maybe the question should be 'why not?'

How can i sumbit a voice memo?

Pull out your phone, open up the voice memo/recording app and spill! Then send your 30-second recording to hello@nomadandspice.com. 

who are you two? 

Just two girls, standing in front of a nomad community, asking it to listen to their 20-minute bi-weekly podcast. Want specifics? Read our About page.


How can i subscribe to get new episodes?

You can subscribe to us on iTunes or on your pod-catcher of choice. Viv and Kit both use Downcast and we highly recommend it. Just search Nomad + Spice and hit Subscribe!

WILl you interview me?

Look, no promises, but probably. If you're a lady-identifying or gender-non-conforming person - or like, a super-woke dude - with an interesting perspective or a burning desire to speak to the lady nomads of the world, then email us at hello@nomadandspice.com.

I have thoughts! Rants! Compliments!

Please forward compliments, interesting thoughts and feminist rants to hello@nomadandspice.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. If your rant is an incoherent 'feminism is stupid' one, please forward it directly to the trash, where we will get back to you never.