Finding Love as a Digital Nomad (Part 1)

Digital Nomad Dating
  • We’re tackling nomad relationships because it’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re hashtag topical.
  • We ran a poll in our Facebook Group and it’s been our most talked-about topic in the whole history of the group!
  • Alas, we’re no good when it comes to the topic of finding love on the road because we were already in long-term relationships when we started nomading, so we turned to four of our nomadic sisters to hear about their stories.
  • First up is Anna SE Lundberg, a speaker, coach and writer, whose partner is decidedly a muggle.
  • Next we have Amy Scott of Nomadtopia, whose partner became nomadic after they met.
  • Tune in for Part 2 of this episode, which will be hitting your podcatcher later this week!

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The Nomad + Spice theme tune is Yellow Sea by eternal fave Madame Gandhi.

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