Nomad + Spice Community Spotlight: Jannie

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What's your name?

Jannie Mitzeiko Harvey

How long have you been location independent?

I'm not yet but will be soon! Woohoo!

Tell us a little about your business/career/project

I am a fiction ebook launch strategist. I support new authors to find the best strategy to launch their book.

Tell us about your most boast-worthy accomplishment

My ex left on Christmas morning and I got divorce papers on my birthday. Despite on being left alone in a place where I have no family, I was able to take care of my divorce situation, sell the house all on my own, get over my depression and start my business and digital nomad life. I had plenty of support but it was my decision to pull myself up from the jaws of depression to a more confident woman to empower authors.

What's one thing you want more people to know about what you do?

You can be an author/writer and earn a living! Launching and marketing your book can be scary but with a road map and strategy, book success can be an attainable and sustainable goal!

What do you love most about location independent life?

Freedom. Freedom to travel, connect with culture and no matter how diverse is the world, we are all still connected.

What are your biggest challenges in your business?

There is a disconnect between the art of writing and treating it as a business. I am here to help my authors as a bridge so their stories can bring both joy to their readers and monetary return on investment for the authors/writers.

What's the most valuable thing you've taken away from your female friendships and women-led communities?

Females entrepreneurs are amazing! They go through all these challenges, whether it is from their male counterparts in their business, society obligations or from their own family and friends, they thrive and succeed! Most of all, there is overwhelming support and acceptance. I want to return that to my female community.

Where can we find you on the internet?