Nomad + Spice Community Spotlight: Janice

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What's your name?

Janice Chaka

How long have you been location independent?

8 years

Tell us a little about your business/career/project

I am an introvert advocate and my mission is to educate as many people as I can about introversion, while speaking up for introverts. As a career and business coach I help introverts own their introversion and be successful in their careers and businesses by leading them through a six month program covering everything from self-care to personal branding.

Tell us about your most boast-worthy accomplishment

I had to ask other people about this, and they said that just the fact I have made what I do work is so fascinating to them. For me, it's hosting a networking-for-introverts meetup where I did no advertising and 49 people turned up.

What's one thing you want more people to know about what you do?

Very few people are totally extrovert or introvert. Most people fall somewhere along the spectrum at any given time. Change takes time and effort, if you expect results overnight you are not being realistic.

What do you love most about location independent life?

I get to help people no matter where they are, visit my friends around the world, take cooking classes and give back to the community.

What are your biggest challenges in your business?

Changing people's mindsets so they understand that investing in themselves is good for business. Also, a lot of systems that are popular are made for people who have an address/bank in a western country that they can use. I don't have that so I am always trying work arounds.

What's the most valuable thing you've taken away from your female friendships and women-led communities?

Not all women want to tear other women down. I only just figured out that I can't do it alone. Find people you can relate to in different ways about business not just friends. This will help you a lot.

Where can we find you on the internet?