Our Biggest Mistakes as Digital Nomads

Crossing borders isn't always easy.

Crossing borders isn't always easy.

  • Find a fuck-up night near you
  • LinkedIn: actually quite valuable for careers
  • Nomading: not necessarily about travel
  • Money: the bit you need to get right
  • Metaphors: plentiful in this episode
  • We rip on Tim Ferriss for a while
  • Michelle Dale from Virtual Miss Friday shares her fuckup story
  • Chani from the Unlikely Vegan shares an aromatic mess she made while traveling to Main Street Academy
  • Liz Scully and her friend suffered from travel hubris and she’s here to warn you against it
  • Jessa is all about minimalist travel plans
  • Dorene has freed herself from the deadline to make nomad life work
  • Naomi gives us a sage perspective on how to look back on mistakes

Share your stories of nomad fails and realizations with us in our Facebook Group! Thanks to Michelle, Dorene, Chani, Liz, Jessa, and Naomi for sharing their stories with us, and shoutout to the practically perfect Madame Gandhi for our wonderful backing music.

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See you on the road!

Kit Whelan