Going on Vacation

Kit on vacation exploring her happy place: Iceland

Kit on vacation exploring her happy place: Iceland

  • “So are you, like, on vacation all the time?”
  • We discover that our bodies are enforcing weekends
  • France is on the right track to work/life balance
  • The US is setting a terrible example
  • We posit that working is not the best use of the beach
  • Elle and Marbree share their dubiously successful vacation histories
  • Kit shouts out the Hidden Brain podcast on scarcity + time
  • Viv gets anxious on vacation; Kit wants to rage-quit everything
  • We grade Viv’s recent city break + make commitments for future holidays
  • Kit dreams of going to Japan’s cat islands
  • QOTD: “I don’t want to hear your great idea”

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Kit Whelan